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SoundTribe connects you with the people and events you WANT to connect with minus the BS seen on other social platforms. Everyone you encounter is here for the same reasons. The only thing that matters is that you have an open mind and are down to have fun and meet new people. SoundTribe is a global, drama-free community of like minded, chill people who are ACTUALLY down to kick it.

Uniting music fans from all walks of life into one network is SoundTribe’s mission. The ultimate goal is for anyone, anywhere, at anytime to be able to open up the SoundTribe app and connect with legit, like-minded people who listen to the same music and attend the same events.

We believe that the non-judgmental, embracing, and positive environment prevalent within music festivals should carry over after the last record is spun and permeate our daily routines. We are confident that music culture’s good vibes and core philosophies are the keys to unlocking humanity’s social potential and enriching the lives of everyone. You are at the forefront of this movement.

At the end of the day, We are all connected.


The fact that the 3 people I met on SoundTribe summer last year are still my absolute best friends to this day is something I am so grateful for. We are SO lucky for this community guys. As adults it’s hard to make friends so we have something truly amazing here😍
Lauren T - Los Angeles, CA
I have to say that I am amazed at how kind everyone is on SoundTribe. Being older and going to my first event in over 7 years solo was scary, but everyone I met up with was so nice and made me feel welcomed. Thank you all so much!
Doug M - Miami, FL
Gosh how I’m thankful for this app! It’s filled with beautiful people and great vibes…this app introduced me to the love of my life and some of the coolest people I know! Thank you all you guys are amazing and I hope one day I can rage with you all💕
Alicia R - Las Vegas, NV
I am truly thankful for this app because it has changed my life. It has brought me a family that doesn’t judge, that loves me unconditionally and a safe place to come when I am high on life, when I am hurt, when I am bored, or just when I want to shoot the shit!
Kyle P - Chicago, IL
SoundTribe definitely does the job of putting me in a good mood. I love scrolling through all the posts filled with positive vibes. Ya'll are the best!
Raquel G - New York, NY
It was really awesome meeting everybody at the meetup this weekend. It was so nice seeing such friendly people who truly love the music.
Roger S - Denver, CO